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TV camera

TV Projects

For over five years, Pablo wrote and directed the weekly cable TV show "Eu Quero Ver" on TVCOM Maceió in Brazil. Although primarily focused on workers' rights and politics, the show also incorporated segments on  culture, including a variety of interviews with local musicians, actors, filmmakers, writers and artists. 

While working with TVCOM Maceió, Pablo also collaborated as co-producer for a variety of other shows and as a screenwriter for the network's publicity material.

Below are some examples of Pablo's work.

         Women's March in Boston
              (Report- 1-21-2017)

Reported and edited by Pablo Gomes.

Museum Exhibition- Report

Reported and edited by Pablo Gomes.

Interview with Felipe Devaz

Pablo Gomes interviews musician Felipe DeVaz.

International Worker's Day report

Full special edition of "Eu Quero Ver" about the International Worker's Day. Directed and reports by Pablo Gomes.

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